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I need your opinion

Here is the senario say you and your friend get into a fight And you cuss that friend out in rage. You don’t talk until you both calm down. You make up the next day and say sorry and everything. But when you come home another friend of the friend that you cussed tells one person the owner of the house you two were fighting in and she or he is angry. The owner confronts the other friend on her side but the friend tells it all settled but that other friend is admant about you getting some sort of punishment. You apologize to the owner and she forgives you. At the same time the friend you had an arguement with friend who had told the owner. The friend is angry because she could have stayed out if it and minded hia or her own business. Then outsider comes into the picture mad at the two who were fighting claiming because friend who told is older and they should respect there older. You and friend do respect your elders but the friend did not understand the full situation and just told that you cussed at the friend. Then you and outsider get into a fight claiming your friendship is not real because you would not cuss out a friend. You and your friend say you would do anything for each other Outsider says that your all fools because he thinks your friendship wont last. You then get everyone calm and explain you are at fault for cussing at your friend and in someone else house but your not sorry for cussing in front of someone who cusses all the time in the same house and was being a hypocrite.

The situation was way blown out of proportioslns due to that one friend everyone is all angry and fruatrated at everyone.

But who is really at fault in the end beside you when you admitted it.

What do you guys think?

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